Price-list 2014 for Russian non-residents

Rail-Tariff is a software for calculation of railway freight rate on the territory of Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan with automatic consideration of all current discounts and coefficients for a certain date.

1) Single-user license 

This license is for single user access only. You can not store or install a copy of the software on a storage device, such as a network server. You must purchase a license for each separate computer on which the software is installed. A license for the software may not be shared or used concurrently on different computers. A single-user license is particularly well-suited for employees who use program extensively and who must have guaranteed access to the software at all times.

Amount of license fee (EURO)
1st month single-user license 340
License renewal for 1 month 53

CTM Company offers a discount for copies of Rail-Tariff Single-User Licenses ordered at the same time. Following is the discount schedule:

  • 50% discount for 2-3 copies
  • 30% discount for 4 or more copies

2) Multiple-user license

A multiple-user license allows to run the software on more than one computer simultaneously. It typically deals with software running in the server where users connect via the network.

Cost of the multi-user license makes 150 percent of the single-user license cost. The discount schedule is also applied to Multiple-user license purchasing.