Installation manual for CTM programs

  1. Run your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla).
  2. Visit the page, go to the section "Download" and download the distributive of the program Rail-Tariff to your computer – left-click on the link, in the window displayed agree to save the file on your computer and select a directory where you want to have it – then the downloading process will start.
  3. Unpack the downloaded distribution of the program.
  4. Open the directory where the distributive file is located, find the setup.exe file and run it.
  5. The program installation dialog will appear.
  6. If you already have a version of this program installed on you computer, you will be offered to "Reinstall the program with saving user’s settings", i.e. to update the program leaving all your settings and data without changing.
  7. If you agree, the program will be updated without any additional questions.
  8. If you are installing the program on your computer for the first time, you need to select a disc and a directory for the installation, a group of programs or accept the offered ones and click the «Install» button. The program will automatically start copying the files, after which you'll get the message that installation is fulfilled.

Now you can work with the program. It can be run with the shortcut from the "CTM" group. If you didn’t select another group in the installation dialog box, you can find the program’s shortcut by doing following: click on the "Start" > "Programs" > group "CTM".

If any errors appear during the copying process, make sure you have enough free space on the disc. If you get the message that some files are being used or unavailable, and you are sure that no application is running at the moment (except for the installer), restart your computer and run installer again. If errors can’t be fixed, apply to us or to your technical engineer.