How to buy the program


  1. Fill in and the applacation form from the strictly following the instractions  "drawing the application form" presented on the site.
  2. Receive the completed documents in electronic form to your e-mail (indicated in the application form): the license agreement and the invoice for payment.
  3. Draw your part of the agreement and pay the invoice.
  4. Send to our e-mail or fax the documents confirming payment of the invoice and the drown agreement.
  5. Download and register the program from "How to install", "Registration".
  6. Send to our e-mail the code of your computer "How to receive the computer code".
  7. Receive to your e-mail the activation code which will be nessesary to enter in the program during the "Registration".
  8. Receive to your e-mail the original documents in two copies (contracts, acts).
  9. Draw your part of the original documents with your hand and leave one copy for yourself, and return the another to us.
  10. To contact the manager of the company Igor Titov, phone: + 7 (812) 325-91-34, 325-85-39 (ext. 110), e-mail:
  11. BONUS:
    Before you decide to buy the program, you can use it free for 15 days! Download the trial version of the program from the site and convince of the Rail-Tariff advantages "Download the trial version".