About Rail-Tariff

Rail-Tariff software is a modern perspective solution for specialists in logistics, cargo owners, forwarders, operators, railway service  users and railway transport workers.  No other program is as easy-to-use or offers more comprehensive features in calculating railway freight rates on the territory of Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia.

Rail-Tariff differs in high precision of railway freight raites calculating and tariff changes tracking just in time.

Rail-Tariff features

The program makes the calculation of:

  • transportation charge for  domestic, export-import and transit transportation on the territories of Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan;
  • transportation charge for  export-import and transit transportation on the territories of Estonia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Georgia;
  • cargo guarding cost;
  • transportation charge for cargos accompanied by conductors;
  • additional charges according to tariff regulations.

Rail-Tariff also gives detailed information about discounts and increasing coefficients applied in the calculation.


  • automatic determination of the calculation type depending on departure and destination points;
  • possibility to choose special rates for the transportation;
  • possibility of calculation for certain date (history, since 2000);
  • possibility of combined cost calculation for cargos’ transportation and your “own” rolling stock return;
  • possibility to keep your own reference-book of a rolling stock;
  • rolling stock owner rates’ editor;
  • estimation of a cargo oversize degree;
  • convenient modern interface, which allows to view the initial data and the calculation results in one window. The initial data input and receiving the calculation results takes a little time.
  • automatic updates sending by email;
  • free trial version runs for 15 days without limitations.


  • Automatic identification of boundary transition between the countries with the possibility to make modifications in the route;
  • Calculation of mixed consignment cost;
  • Definition of a normative date of the cargo delivery;
  • Possibility to correct the calculated haul distance as necessary;
  • Addition of forwarding discounts and multipliers;
  • Transportation analysis;
  • Definition of the wagon type by its number;
  • Review of calculation results with all details (basic rate and all applied discounts and coefficients), possibility to view corresponding documents, provided that the version of the Rail-Info software is installed on your computer (only in Russian).


  • Possibility to save the calculation as a file (filename extension .trf);
  • Storing the route archive;
  • Storing your own rolling-stock reference book;
  • Creating and storing of a list of  your “own” cargos;
  • Possibility to make templates, i.e. in a new calculation some part of input data is already entered.


  • Printing the calculation results and the whole transportation route;
  • Export to MS Word and Excel format;
  • Printing the full list of documents regulating coefficients application.

The Rail-Tariff program is constantly supplied with new functionalities its interface is constantly improved according to users' requirements.